Lake Admissions Regulations

Members of Twain Harte Lake Association must hold title to an Eligible Parcel of land as defined by the Twain Harte Lake Association Bylaws and be granted membership consistent with all requirements outlined in the Bylaws.  All dues and fees must be current.  Primary Member is the individual whose name is recorded as owner; there can be only one membership per property.  Annual Dues:  $375.  
In all cases, children younger than 3 years old will be admitted without cost or use of a credit.  


Lake Admission for Primary Member and Family Members

Each member will receive one hundred (125) lake admission credits annually. A primary member's admission credits balance and a list of family members designated by the member to use those credits will be maintained by the THLA.  The primary member and designated family members shall have one credit subtracted from the credit balance in the primary member's account each time they use the lake.
Lake Admission for Guests Accompanied by Members
Each guest accompanying the primary member or his/her designated family members shall result in having one credit subtracted from the total admission credits in the member's account.


Admission Procedure for Members and Accompanied Guests

Admission: To be admitted to the Lake, the primary member or family member must identify himself/herself to the Gatehouse attendant and specify the number of family members and guests entering.  Additional information may be requested to insure that the person entering is actually shown on the member record.
To exit and return on the same day: Persons leaving the Lake with intention of returning the same day may do so without any further obligation by stamping an identification mark on their hand.  Stamp is available at the Gatehouse.
For Additional Member Admission Credits:  When primary member's admission credit balance is depleted, additional member credits can be purchased for $2.50 each.  Members are cautioned to buy only what you need.  Refunds are not available and credits cannot be used in future years.  Maximum number of credits per year: 400.
Lake Admission for Guests/Invitees not entering with Members
Members may authorize guests/invitees to use his/her admission credits using the procedure listed below.  Note that if a Member receives compensation for usage, the rules for renters must apply.
Call the Lake Office to register the guest at least three calendar days before the guests are to enter.
At the Gatehouse, guests will give the name of the primary member property address, then their own name.
Two (2) credits will be subtracted from the Member's total credits for each person three (3) years of age or older entering the Lake.

Abuse of this privilege by any member could result in loss of Lake Membership.  

Lake Admission for Renters

Regardless of the method of renting (rental agent, real estate agent, or online service) a property is considered to be rented when the owner is receiving compensation for use of their home.  The following rules for renters apply:
The renter must be renting the property on which the membership is held.  
On entering the lake, the renter must give either the name of the owner, the property address, or the Cabin Number that is provided by the rental company.  
The renter is required to pay the sum of $6.00 per person per entry credit, and may buy enough credits for entry of his/her family for the entire rental period.  Each renter's admission credit balance will be maintained at the Gatehouse.

In the event the member's cabin rental is handled by a real estate or rental agent, the agent will be required to provide a detailed "Rental Report" to Twain Harte Lake Association.
In the event that the member’s cabin rental is handled through an online service or any other method that does not involve a third-party agent, the owner must contact the Lake Office and provide renter information.
Any member violating any of these rules could result in loss of lake privileges or loss of membership in Twain Harte Lake Association.



Credits are not to be freely or capriciously authorized to persons who are not members, or to legitimate guests.  Admission credits cannot be sold by members to any person. Any member violating this condition may be subject to loss of Lake Privileges or loss of membership in Twain Harte Lake Association.


Contact Information
Twain Harte Lake Association
P.O. Box 338
Twain Harte, CA95383

Phone:  209-586-4449


Reviewed and Revised: April 2016