Lake Rules

Lake Admission and Fees

Admission Procedure: On entering the Lake, the renter must check in at the Gatehouse and provide the name
of the rental cabin owner, the property address, or the Cabin Number provided by the
rental company.

Fees: Renters are required to pay the sum of $8.00 per person per entry.  Children younger
than 3 years old will be admitted without cost.  Renters may pay for entry of the entire
family for all or a portion of the rental period.  Any entry credit balance is maintained at
the Gatehouse.
To exit and return on the same day:  
Persons leaving the Lake with intention of returning same day may do so without any
further obligation by stamping an identification mark on their hand.  Stamp is available
at the Gatehouse.

Compliance: Renters’ failure to comply with the Admission Procedure and payment of Fees may result in loss of Lake Privileges.  Additionally, the Member cabin owner may be at risk for loss of Lake Privileges or loss of membership in the Twain Harte Lake Association.


Contact Information

Twain Harte Lake Association
P.O. Box 338
Twain Harte, CA95383

Phone:  209-586-4449



Reviewed and Revised:  April 2016