Snack Shack at Twain Harte Lake

Statement from the THLA Board of Directors

October 1, 2019

We, the Twain Harte Lake Association Board of Directors, would like to let our membership know that we were not able to extend the Lease on the Snack Shack with Tony & Elfi Taylor dba Lakeview Catering.

We looked at issues which would ensure a quality operation would remain at the Snack Shack at Twain Harte Lake in the future – as Tony & Elfi had expressed that they were hoping to sell the business and retire. Several versions of a lease draft were discussed with them, but in the end the Taylors rejected our lease offer and have decided to move on.

There is a great deal of interest by local restaurateurs to operate the Snack Shack at Twain Harte Lake, and we want you to know that our primary goal will be to select the very best operator we can find to provide delicious food in the local home-town style we have enjoyed for so many years at The Lake.

Please join us in thanking Tony & Elfi for their years of service as we wish them all the best.

-         Sheridan Beuving THLA Vice President


Tony and Elfi ran the Snack Shack for 12 years and were responsible for the wonderful menu, flowers, music, and customer service.