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Lake Rules

The Board of Directors authorizes the Lake Manager, Assistant Lake Manager, and Head Lifeguard to remove any and all persons for offensive, annoying, or disturbing conduct or for willfully violating these rules. Violation of these rules by any member, their guest or their renter, may result in the member’s loss of Lake Privileges or loss of Membership in Twain Harte Lake Association.

General Rules

    1. No food or drink is allowed on the Lake premises except that which is purchased and consumed at the Snack Shack. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages can be consumed on lake premises or in the parking area, except at Board approved events. Drinking water in clear plastic containers is allowed.
    2. No dogs and other animals are allowed on the Lake premises at any time.
    3. No TOBACCO in any form is allowed within the fenced area of the Lake property. This includes the use of “E-cigarettes”, and Vaping. The use of marijuana is not allowed within the fenced area of the Lake property or in the parking area.
    4. Proper swim attire is required at all times for all ages. Children or babies that are not “potty trained” may enter the water if they are wearing a swim diapers/plastic pants with a swim suit.
    5. No tents or Pop-ups allowed. Shade control limited to standard size beach umbrellas.
    6. No running on the bridge, on the rock, on the beach or on the rafts.
    7. No loud music. Music devices must be used with headsets on lake property and the parking area.

Swimming Safety

    1. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older.
    2. All swimmers under 16 who want to swim outside the roped swimming areas without an adult must pass a swim test each year. Lifeguards may require any swimmer to pass a swim test if there is concern about his/her swimming ability and safety.
    3. No diving from the platforms closest to the beach.
    4. No paddleboards or boats or large inflatables allowed inside the roped areas.
    5. No large, oversized flotation and blow-up toys allowed. Single mattresses, inflatable rings for children, small dinghy/inflatable boats are allowed. Dinghy or inflatable boats may be secured at east end of lake. Size guidelines are posted at the gatehouse.
    6. No swimming under rafts or diving platforms or between dam edge and swim lane markers.
    7. No Frisbees, footballs or other items that might cause injury or annoyance can be used on the beach, rock, or inside the roped swimming area.
    8. All directions given by lifeguard staff must be followed immediately. Areas in front of the lifeguard stands must be kept clear.

Other Rules

  1. Entrance to the Lake for Members and Guests shall be through the Gatehouse or Rock turnstile. Renters must enter through the Gatehouse turnstile. Handstamp is available for same day reentry.
  2. Spaces for sunbathing on the Beach and Rock are on a first-come basis. If spaces are left unoccupied for more than 90 minutes, towels and chairs may be removed by members of the lake staff.
  3. Fishing is for children 16 years and under with a limit of 3 fish per person or 5 per family. Fishing is not allowed in any area where swimmers are present or in the east end of the lake beyond the buoy. Fishing is allowed from the dam after 6:00 pm. Please secure all hooks and tackle on fishing equipment to avoid any injuries.
  4. No unmanned aerial vehicles are allowed on lake property between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend.
  5. No business operation of any kind is allowed without permission of the Twain Harte Lake Association Board of Directors.
  6. Twain Harte Lake Association is not responsible for lost or stolen items including chairs and other beach items that are stored on or near the pipe racks provided for the convenience of members. Items improperly stored may be discarded at any time. Items left at the end of the season may be removed and discarded by members of the lake staff.


The following rules and regulations pertain to the use of all watercraft (defined as canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, boats of any type, or any flotation equipment more than six (6) feet in length) as prescribed by the Twain Harte Lake Association Board of Directors. Lifeguard and rescue equipment are excluded and not subject to these rules and regulations.

Because of the large and increasing number of lake users and also the number of watercraft on the lake, the following regulations are now in effect. The purpose of these regulations is to protect and to generally keep the lake area in an orderly and safe operating condition for all members of the Association.


  1. All boats of any description must be registered at the Gate House before permission is granted for them to be used on the lake and stored at the east end of the lake in the designated docking and launching area.
  2. Paddleboards and surfboards do not have to be registered.
  3. Owners of all watercraft are responsible for the way they are used and the conduct of the persons using them.
  4. Watercraft may NOT be docked or left within the roped area of the beach nor in the roped swimming or diving areas of the rock.
  5. Only Twain Harte Lake aquatic rescue equipment is allowed in front of the gate house.
  6. No watercraft will be allowed on the beach. All watercraft, when not in use, must be docked at the tie-up area at the east end of the lake.
  7. NO power boats or sail boards (for windsurfing) are permitted on the lake at any time.
  8. The gate to the east of the gate house can be used for bringing in or removing boats during the hours of: 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. or 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.
    The gate house has the keys and will open the gates at your request during these hours.


  1. Most watercraft (sailboats the exception) are not restricted to any certain area of the lake. However, they must be handled by responsible persons who will maintain extreme care while in the general swimming areas and will give the right-of-way to all swimmers. No one is to stand up on any watercraft.
  2. Sailboats, of any type, will be restricted to a certain area of the lake between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The diagram on the back of this page indicates the area restricted to sailboats.
  3. The maximum length for any watercraft on the lake is twelve feet (12 ft.).
  4. The above regulations on watercraft are designed to provide for the safety of all and still permit boat recreation. Failure to cooperate with these regulations will result in the offending owners being requested to remove their watercraft from the lake.

Contact Information
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